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New possibilities with Thielco-GEOMET® - Bulk and rack line

Recent global developments have led to an unprecedented rapid and dynamic market. As a technological frontrunner, Thielco Steel Solutions Group has been setting the standard for over 65 years with the newest techniques that seamlessly fit in with the changes that the sector is experiencing.

Besides our familiar hot-dip spin galvanising method, we are now also proud to promote our Thielco-GEOMET® conservation method. This chromium-free coating technology is the comprehensive “YES” as the answer to the growing demand for an environmentally friendly conservation method for small metal parts. The Thielco-GEOMET® coating prevents hydrogen embrittlement and provides full corrosion protection with a very limited coat thickness. The GEOMET® method has been used by Thielco since 2007 and has been further developed over the years under our quality management system in compliance with ISO/TS 16949. This has led to the development of a new, ultra-modern second production line for rack goods, which has recently been put into service. This will allow your steel products of all grades, up to a length of 800 mm, with or without screw thread, to receive the GEOMET® conservation coating in a fully automated process.

Supported by the ironclad ERP software from SAP, Thielco Steel Solutions Group is at the ready to tackle every new challenge with you.

Curious to see how it works? You are more than welcome to visit our high-tech production site, where we will gladly tell you more about the Thielco vision regarding metal conservation – as well as perhaps also discuss your own vision.

Moreover, as you know, we can also accommodate you in your needs when it comes to hot-dip galvanising, hot-dip centrifugal galvanising, mechanical galvanising and powder coating.