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GEOMET®, the patented chromium-free alternative of DACROMET®, is a non-electrolytic water-based zinc laminated coating system, which achieves extremely high corrosion protection at a low layer thickness in an environmentally friendly way. As a result, this process is a modern alternative to traditional processes that are sensitive to hydrogen embrittlement.

In one of our fully automated production lines, an inorganic binder is applied to your products with passivated zinc and aluminium slats by means of a non-electrolytic dipping-centrifuge process. A wide range of product variants is available to offer customised layer thickness, corrosion protection and friction coefficient. Thielco has both a dip-spin bulk and rack production line. 

The benefits of GEOMET® are widely applicable:

  • Extremely high corrosion protection at thin layer thickness;
  • Possibility to apply topcoat to define the friction coefficient;
  • There is no risk of hydrogen embrittlement;
  • High-quality metallic grey appearance;
  • Chromium-free alternative of DACROMET®
  • Suitable for fastening materials and other metal parts, threaded or non-threaded

License issued under strict monitoring by NOF Metal Coatings and externally assured by IATF 16949.


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