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Mechanical plating

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Mechanical plating

Mechanical plating, also known as zinc plating, is a corrosion-resistant coating that is formed in a non-electrolytic and non-thermal process - ideal for hardened products.

In a fully automated process, zinc powder and glass beads are added to the products in a rotating drum, under the right chemical atmosphere. The chemical reaction ensures adhesion and the beads roll the zinc powder onto the products, creating a very even zinc layer. Afterwards, the products can be treated as required with passivation, torque & tension oil (T&T) and sealer.

The functional properties of mechanical plating are more topical than ever:

  • Zero defects due to a controlled process and exclusion of adhesion
  • There is no risk of hydrogen embrittlement;
  • Very even layer thickness;
  • Cold process does not affect material properties;
  • Good electrical emergency conductivity;
  • Suitable for fastening materials and other metal parts (threaded or non-threaded); hardened products, spring steel, bolts, nuts, washers and wire nails, among other things

The process meets the NEN-EN ISO 12683 and ASTM-B 695 standards.

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