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Electroforged gratings Type SP

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Electroforged gratings Type SP

The Type SP grating is a common grating type in the offshore and petrochemical industry and in the construction sector. Because every joint is fully welded, up to 800 welding connections per m2, this type is extremely suitable for heavy to extremely heavy loads. The SP type grating is constructed from bearing bars with forged or round transverse bars.             

  • Electroforged gratings can be produced up to a bearing bar length of 6,000 mm and a transverse bar length of 1,250 mm;
  • Stair treads are made to measure in any desired design or size;
  • Gratings can be provided with an anti-slip serration in the bearing bar;
  • Thielco supplies made-to-measure SP Ball Proof gratings: in the offshore and petrochemical industry a safety requirement often applies that 15 mm objects must not be able to fall through the gratings. An additional 5 mm rounded-steel wire against the underside of the forged transverse bars guarantees personnel safety.

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The process takes place according to NEN-EN-1090-1/1090-2, NEN-EN-3834 and NEN-EN ISO 1461 standards.

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Grating type SP 30x3 / 34x50 anti-slip
Grating type SP 30x5 / 34x99 anti-slip Ball Proof
Grating type SP 60x5 / 34x38 smooth design
Stair tread type SP 30x3 / 34x38 smooth design