powder coating

It is increasingly common for hot dip galvanized materials to be given an additional organic layer (powder coating). Architects, product designers and advisers are continually in search of decorative colour applications for steel. Hot dip galvanizing and powder coating with one or two layers makes an interesting range of decorative and colourful applications possible. It is even possible to powder-coat two layers in a single procedure.

The complete process of surface treatment takes place in-house, making Thielco a reliable and expert partner in surface treatments. Thielco is able to pre-treat products chemically and mechanically. The process is environmentally-friendly due to the use of a modern chrome-free polymer technology. Products up to 10,000 x 600 x 2,400 mm can be chemically or mechanically pretreated. We recommend applying a two-layer system to the products after galvanizing. The first layer is an epoxy primer, the second is the colour (polyester powder). The total layer thickness is approximately 120 microns. Thielco works in accordance with the Visem quality requirements.

Powder coating by Thielco offers many benefits:

  • all treatments performed by one supplier, so a single point of contact
  • optimum life (1.5 to 2 times as long as the protection offered by zinc and coating separately)
  • cheaper than other protection techniques in the long run
  • available in all RAL colours
  • suitable for decorative purposes
  • low-maintenance
  • tailored advice on corrosion resistance