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Hot-dip galvanising

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Hot-dip galvanising

Hot-dip galvanising is a proven dipping process of steel in fluid zinc. The zinc forms an alloy layer with the steel, offering optimum corrosion protection with excellent resistance to mechanical stress.

  • The most powerful process for corrosion protection of steel products;
  • Wear and impact-resistant, durable protection;
  • Lifelong, maintenance-free warranty against corrosion;
  • High-quality galvanising thanks to automated galvanisation process with different temperature zones in the zinc bath;
  • Modern, safe and environmentally friendly product line;
  • Suitable for products with maximum dimensions (L x W x H): 8.5m x 1.45m x 2.7m

It is important that the liquid zinc is able to enter all recesses of both open and hollow components and constructions. To achieve this, it is important to ensure sufficient inflow and outflow, de-aeration and through flow openings, located correctly and with a sufficiently large diameter. The exact requirements can be found below, under downloads.

Thielco galvanises according to the NEN-EN ISO 1461 standards. In the Certainly Zinc manifest from Zinkinfo Benelux is stated which certainties hot-dip galvanising offers. A part of this is the new classification system, with distinction between class F (functional galvanising) & E (aesthetic galvanising).

In addition to galvanising, we have the option to powder coat your products in all RAL colours.

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