Pressed gratings (Type R)

A common type of grating is the Type R pressed grating. Besides traditional walkway applications, this type is particularly suitable for use in utility buildings as fa├žade cladding, sun shading, balcony fencing or partition walls.

The Type R pressed grating is constructed from bearing bars into which transverse bars (10 x 2 mm) are pressed. The grating panel is finished with a profiled Thielco frame strip and then undergoes hot-dip galvanizing in-house. Pressed gratings can be produced up to a bearing bar length of 3,000 mm and a transverse bar length of 1,750 mm.

Anti-slip serrations
For situations with an increased risk of slipping, panels with anti-slip serrations are available. Because both the bearing and/or transverse bars are serrated, an extremely high degree of grip is achieved on the grating surface (single anti-slip with serration on the bearing or transverse bars, double anti-slip with serration on both the bearing and transverse bars).

Powder coating
Besides hot-dip galvanizing, we offer the option of giving the gratings an additional coating in any desired RAL colour. This offers extra protection and extends the lifecycle of the grating.


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