Hot-dip centrifugal galvanizing

Thielco has ceramic high temperature zinc ovens. These are particularly suitable for hot dip galvanizing of a whole variety of smaller fastening materials, such as bolts (from m8), nuts, clips, clamps, wire nails, threaded rods and anchors. This procedure also serves various markets. You will find fastenings which have been treated by Thielco not only in steel construction and machine building, but also in the wind turbine industry and in the automotive and energy sectors. Various qualities of steel are possible. Thielco specialises in grades 8.8 and 10.9 among others. Thanks to a chemical/mechanical pre-treatment and control over the galvanizing process, there is no danger of hydrogen brittleness.

Thanks to a chemical / mechanical treatment and control of the galvanizing process there is no danger of hydrogen embrittlement.

After galvanizing the products, surplus zinc is removed by a centrifugal process, giving a smooth and even zinc layer. The thread in nuts and tapped holes must be tapped again to ensure a normal bolt fit. The absence of a zinc layer in the thread has no negative impact on the corrosion resistance. The zinc layer on the bolt or the thread end sufficiently protects the thread of the screw.

The modern centrifuge process allows hot dip galvanizing of even smaller sizes of bolts and nuts without the fit being compromised. Thielco advises fitting hot dip galvanized constructions with hot dip galvanized bolts and nuts. Our quality meets NEN and ISO 1461 standards. Moreover, Thielco works according to client-specific quality requirements. Products with a screw thread of between m10 and m100 can be hot-dip galvanized without a problem. The screw thread remains available over the complete length, even up to 3,000 mm in length.


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