Hot-dip galvanizing

Thielco itself provides the surface treatment of its own products but also galvanizes all kinds of products for third parties, such as the steel construction industry, the fencing industry, the trailer and semi-trailer construction industry, machine building industry, etc. Thielco keeps production in-house from start to finish. This service has seen rapid growth in recent years.

Hot-dip galvanizing
Hot dip galvanizing products guarantees maximum protection against corrosion. Maximum resistance to mechanical loading is achieved by alloying the zinc with the steel.

Hot dip galvanizing is a dipping process in which fluid zinc must penetrate all recesses, open and hollow components and constructions. In order to achieve this, it is important that there is sufficient flow into and out of openings to permit de-aeration and through flow. These openings need to be properly located and be large enough not to inhibit the flow. The protective layer applied by hot dip galvanizing is thicker than other protective layers. To hot dip galvanize hinged sections, depending upon the thickness of the material, it may be necessary to leave 1 to 3 mm free.

Sufficiently large openings increase the flow of the fluid zinc into and out of the construction or components and increase the dipping speed. This prevents deformation and enhances the quality of the zinc layer. After galvanizing, the holes are sealed with aluminium, lead or plastic plugs.

Galvanizing bath dimensions 9,000 x 1,500 x 2,700 mm

Continuous strict quality control and collaboration with Zinkinfo Benelux ensure guaranteed quality. Galvanizing is carried out to NEN and ISO 1461 standards or to your specification.

For specific information regarding de-aeration, brands, welds, deformations, suspension holes or crane hooks, we will be only too pleased to advise you in person.


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