Electroforged gratings (type SP)

The SP type grating is constructed from bearing bars and forged transverse bars. During the production process, the transverse bars are welded to the bearing bars at every joint under high pressure and current.

A mesh width of 34 x 38 mm with approximately 800 welded joints per m2 gives the grating high stability and load-bearing capacity. This type is ideally suited for heavy to extremely heavy loads.


  • bearing bars are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm
  • other thicknesses and heights are available on request
  • gratings with a bearing bar of 2 mm are supplied with a forged bar of 3.8 mm. Gratings with a bearing bar of 3, 4 and 5 mm are supplied with a forged bar of 5.8 mm
  • option to use a smooth round bar of 3 mm instead of a forged bar

Forged transverse bars are available with a variety of centres between 15 and 102 mm. Common centre-tocentre sizes of forged bars are 38 mm, 50 mm or 100 mm. For bearing bars up to 60 x 5 mm, the maximum bearing bar length when manufacturing is 6,000 mm. Bearing bars of 70 x 5 mm and higher can be produced up to a length of 2,500 mm. The maximum transverse bar direction width is 1,250 mm.

Type SP stair treads are made to measure in every desired version or size.

Safety gratings (type SP) in anti-slip version

Gratings exposed to pollutants such as oil, grease, snow or ice are available in anti-slip versions. Small moonshaped serrations are made in the bearing bars, enabling optimum contact between foot and grating. This makes slipping virtually impossible.

Type SP Ball Proof safety grating
For special safety regulations, Thielco supplies so-called Ball Proof gratings made to measure. For personal safety in the offshore and petrochemical industry it is a general safety requirement that objects of 15 mm or larger should be unable to fall through the grating.

Safety is guaranteed by welding an extra wire of 5 mm rounded steel underneath. The wire welded underneath is placed between the bearing bars and is automatically welded against the underside of the forged bars.

These gratings are available in smooth and anti-slip versions.


Sizes gratings SP

Load table SP

Point Load table SP

Point Load table SP (heavy duty)